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Friday, 31 October 2014

Flash Back Friday

In Australia we don't have Halloween. It's just not the done thing. But it's slowly gaining more popularity, like a good indie band that goes mainstream.

So, in honour of All Hallows Eve, here are some eerie/spooky/fabulous Flash Back Friday songs.

Riders on the Storm,
The Doors

This song is actually terrifying. Don't listen to it at night time when you are home alone and there is actually a storm (I speak from experience) 

Wuthering Heights, 
Kate Bush
Or anything by Kate Bush really, to get that eeeerie gothic vibe. 
Read the book at the same time and be transported to the dark, gloomy moors. 

Werewolves of London, 
Warren Xevon
Sing along LOUD and PROUD:
'ahWHOOO Werewolves of London'

Time Warp, 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

It just wouldn't be a Halloween post without something from 
Rocky Horror, and this is not just my obsession talking.. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Literature: An Open Letter to my various English Curriculum Books

Dear various English Curriculum books, 

Today was my final English exam. 
(one down, four to go!) 

It made me think of how many of you I have read over the years. 
We have had quite a turbulent, long-winded relationship. I'm sorry, but there were so many of you I reviled. You probably can't help it that you wind up on school book lists. It's not your fault. Here you are subject to the harsh criticism of moody teenage students. But you usually deserve it. 
Teachers seem to love those of you that are riddled with Wednesday Addams-like adolescent angst, 'coming of age' novels that involve many (many) curse words which substitute for actual proper English. 

You were not fun. (okay, I admit it was a little funny when the teacher tried to read you during out-loud reading time). 

But sometimes, among the deluge, there was a gem. 
I would raise you to the roof, all Lion King-esque: 
You made English class what it was. Reading you was no longer a chore. 

Not to play favourites, but here is a list of you who I loved most of all (I am actually playing favourites). 

To Kill A Mockingbird- Harper Lee
Obvs. A pure classic. Not to the dismay of my class, however:
'This book is so old'
' What kind of a name is 'Atticus?' 
' Is Scout a boy??' 
' Is this even in English?' 
Oh, you poor, poor souls. If you can't understand TKAM then I don't know how you will ever see the beauty and brilliance in authors like Jane Austen. I loved you, Mockingbird. 
There are so many life-worthy quotes that come from you: 
“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.” 

The Quiet American- Graham Greene 
I've done a post about you before. That's because you are fascinatingly brilliant. 
You make people question their humanity. This is pretty heavy for a class book.
Perhaps that's why I liked you so much. You are never boring. I read you five times in one year. 
Thank you for being so intriguing.

Girl With A Pearl Earring- Tracy Chevalier 
Surprisingly, I was the only student (the teacher loved it) who genuinely enjoyed you. 
And this wasn't just because Colin Firth played Vermeer in the movie adaptation of you (mostly). 
I looked at the front cover and I was hooked (yeah yeah, don't judge a book by its cover... then why do we have cover designers? I'm shallow. I like pretty pictures.)  This book stemmed a love that is still going for classical art and art history. I cannot look at this painting without it completely hypnotizing me and drawing me in. Tracy Chevalier thought the same, that's why she created a whole novel from the feeling the painting gave her when she looked at it. 
Seriously: just look at it. 

The Reluctant Fundamentalist- Mohsin Hamid 
You little trickster, you. Every time I read you I miss something and and also find something. Then I have to read you all over again. It's a viscous cycle. But I forgive you this, because you are so interesting. Your allegory's are second to none. Your narrative structure is one of the strangest and best I've ever read. You make me think. You are so multifaceted it's insane. I will read you always, each time looking for something new and inevitably finding it. 

So there you go, English Curriculum Books,
I have loved you and I have hated you. 
I liked some of you more than others. 
I even read some of you in my sacred place of reading: the bath. Seriously, the bath is usually reserved for Charlotte Bronte and the like. So well done, I commend you. 

Thanks for expanding my horizons. 


Friday, 24 October 2014

School's Out Forever

Today was my last day of school EVER! :( 
(shh I actually really like school). 
And while I'm SUPER excited for the future,
I'm really going to miss it. 

I'm going to miss my English teacher who 
was practically dripping with sarcasm
and did the quiz from the newspaper every lesson. 

I'm going to miss mucking around 
at lunch time,
being a total dag and 
playing truth or dare 

or soccer

(Only three girls, myself included, 
play soccer at lunch time) 
Hopefully the girls below us 

And I'm going to miss just seeing 
everyone, every day. 
It's been fun. 

p.s. I went as my childhood icon...

(she was always the smallest one of all (like me) but inside she's TALL!) 


Saturday, 11 October 2014

Style: How to be a Tom Boy-Girly Girl

Hello there, 
sorry about the lack of posts this week, 
year 12 practice exams took over life... 

This is me all dressed up before an event, 
two hours after 

Spikes were swapped for Heels! 

That's me at the front, I made it to the State finals 
next Friday for 100 and 200m! :) 
Keen as a bean for that. 

The dress I'm wearing is vintage, a $10 score! 

Remember, it's okay to be a Tom Boy- Girly Girl! 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Songwriting: How Long Is A Piece Of String


This is a little song I wrote and recorded a while ago, 
called 'How Long Is A Piece Of String?' 
I wrote it about my little sisters.
You know that age where they just ask you questions about everything? 
All sorts of impossible questions that you don't have the answer for...

But wish you did.
That's what it is inspired by. 

I hope you like it, let me know :)