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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Style: How to be a Tom Boy-Girly Girl

Hello there, 
sorry about the lack of posts this week, 
year 12 practice exams took over life... 

This is me all dressed up before an event, 
two hours after 

Spikes were swapped for Heels! 

That's me at the front, I made it to the State finals 
next Friday for 100 and 200m! :) 
Keen as a bean for that. 

The dress I'm wearing is vintage, a $10 score! 

Remember, it's okay to be a Tom Boy- Girly Girl! 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Songwriting: How Long Is A Piece Of String


This is a little song I wrote and recorded a while ago, 
called 'How Long Is A Piece Of String?' 
I wrote it about my little sisters.
You know that age where they just ask you questions about everything? 
All sorts of impossible questions that you don't have the answer for...

But wish you did.
That's what it is inspired by. 

I hope you like it, let me know :) 

Literature: The Quiet American

So, The Quiet American is officially one of my all-time favourite books. 

I didn't think I would like it....
But immediately, I was hooked. 

The main character, Fowler, 
is very intriguing. 
From people I've discussed this book with,
I've heard very mixed opinions about him.
Like, polar opposites.
That in itself is compelling.
I for one would read this book just for Fowler's wry wit alone! 

It's centered around what is to become the 
Vietnam War, 
But that's not the only conflict. 
Fowler also has to compete for his love interest. 

To what lengths will he strive to keep her?  

That's where Pyle,
'A very Quiet American',
comes in...
but he also has a hidden agenda. 

'I never knew a man who had better motives for all the trouble he'd caused.' 

Sound good? 
It is. 
Read it, please. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

YUM: Mint Sorbet Recipe (You're Welcome)

As the weather becomes warmer, 
the need for a refreshing afternoon snack also escalates. 

This recipe for Mint Sorbet from Donna Hay is sooo good.
It's super easy and the results are delicious! 

I'm kind of a hopeless ice cream tragic so for me this is like the best thing ever.
Have fun making your own!
(and also using a retro ice cream tin is so much cooler (PUN) and more fun ;)


1/4 cup mint leaves

3 cups (750 ml) milk

1 1/2 cups (240 g) icing sugar 
(it says to sift it.. I tried and 
lets just say my mum wasn't very happy with me haha. In the end it worked fine without doing it) 

1/4 cup (60 ml) glucose syrup 
(this stuff is super sticky but run your spoon under hot water first and it will slide right off) 

 Place the mint, milk, sugar and glucose syrup in a blender and blend until combined. 
Pour into a metal tin and freeze for 3-4 hours or until set. 
Cut the sorbet into squares and, in batches, blend until smooth. 
(make sure you do this step. I know it's tedious but seriously it looks and tastes so much better afterwards) 
Return the sorbet to the freezer for 1 hour or until ready to serve. 
Makes 1 litre. 
(I made 2 litres; just double all the quantities) 

(and dad's 'redback' sauce in the background!) 


Happy cooking!
(...or freezing?) 


Friday, 26 September 2014

Happy 50th, Gilligan's Island!

This has always been one of my dearest television shows. 
It's appropriately goofy and hilarious haha :) 

When it come on I get super excited and go coconuts (pun intended) like this: 

I always loved this scene where the girls start a go-go band!

Here is a compilation of funny moments:

Thank you Gilligan's Island, 
for cementing my love of the 60's 
and good, clean fun.